Dit is een foto uit de oude doos van de eerste berg die ik beklom ; 
Mount Elgon - Peak Wagagai (4321m)
een dode stratovulkaan op de grens van Oeganda en Kenia. 

most important climbs ....

some +4000m mountains in the Alps like Mont Blanc (3x)

dozen +5000m mountains all over the world like Cotopaxi, 5897m (2x)

07/2009 - Elbrous, Russia, 5642 m

01/2010 - Aconcagua, Argentiniƫ, 6962 m

06/2012 - Denali (Mount Mc Kinley) Alaska, 6194 m

2013 Ascent/descent with paraglider from summit Mont Blanc 4810 m

07/2013 - Expedition to Gasherbrum II, 8035m, Pakistan, until 7500m (Storm)

05/2015 - Expedition to Makalu 8463m, Nepal,until 6700m (Earthquake)

08/2015 - Solo expedition to Khan Tengri 7010m, Kazaghstan

01/2016 - Cayambe 5790m, Ecuador

05/2016 - Mount Everest 8848m, Tibet (3th Belgian woman)

05/2017 - Expedition Lhotse 8516m, Nepal,without use supplemental oxygen, self supporting, until 7900m

06/2017 - Carstensz Piramide 4884m, Papua